Individual Counselling

Counselling is designed to improve your wellbeing and your relationships with others. When you're feeling troubled by a situation at home, work, or in your personal relationship, and you're struggling to find ways to move forward, it helps to reach out for assistance. Many people seem to find it easier to talk over their personal issues with someone they don't know, and this is where professional counsel can help.

Counselling offers you a private and confidential space to allow you time to work through any situation you may be having difficulty with. We help you seek clarity around your discomfort, explore choices you can make, and support you in taking action if you need to.

Our clients tell us that although they may feel nervous before coming to counselling, their fears soon dissipate, and often report feeling like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders after just one session.

So if you're feeling stuck or out of sorts, and would like the opportunity to talk it over, why not give counselling a go. You'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner.



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We have three consulting rooms located in North Perth, Applecross and Osborne Park which are conveniently located for your easy access.  Make an appointment today by booking online or calling us using the buttons below.


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