Family Counselling Perth

People seek our family and relationship counselling service for many different reasons. Some include:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Blending of two families
  • Blending of different cultures
  • Parents/children in relationship conflict
  • A family member with behavioural problems
  • A family member with an addiction
  • A family member with a chronic health condition
  • Mental, emotional or physical abuse
  • Change or loss in the family.

All of the above can create stress and strain for family members and impact on individual well-being. Counselling for two, three or several family members in a group can be a strong support in this regard.

Family Conflict

Family members don't usually have the intention to hurt each other, but it happens, and sometimes it's hard to get past the wounding. If individual needs are not being met, or power imbalances are present, family tension can escalate into conflict. At times the tension has been around for many years, and unhealthy patterns of mis-communication have become entrenched. Working towards improvement requires skill in assertive communication, empathy, negotiation, compromise, and respect for each other's position or point of view. If family members don't have the skills required to create safe discussion, set boundaries or problem solve, then it's wise to seek professional help.

Group counselling can be a great forum for all members to speak their point of view and feel heard in a safe environment. Participants are guided by a counsellor/facilitator and encouraged to work towards finding solutions. Family members also learn healthy, assertive communication skills along the way to assist them in creating more harmonious relationships in all areas of life.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to find peace and harmony in the family again. To feel like the family is on your side and supportive, as opposed to fractured and disconnected. By encouraging family members to attend counselling, it can be your best chance of moving towards more loving relationships, rather than suffering from the lingering hurt and separation that never seems to go away.

If other family members are not open to counselling as a group, then it's important to reach out and seek assistance on your own. Individual counselling sessions are a great way to gain perspective and skills on how to relieve the stress and strain that your family problems may be causing you.

So if you're experiencing difficulties in your family relationships, attending counselling either individually or together as a family can provide a neutral space where barriers can be broken and bridges built.

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