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Creating a rewarding and harmonious relationship with your partner doesn't always come easily. Relationships go through ups and downs and different stages over time. But when anger or resentment fester for extended periods because individual needs aren't being met, the love you have for each other doesn't seem enough at times to heal the discontent. The unresolved feelings bring on reactive and defensive behaviour that can become destructive over time, and can chip away at the very foundation of the relationship.

It can be very frustrating when we try to communicate with each other but feel we're not getting through. Feelings of invalidation can trigger resentment or anger, which can quickly escalate into conflict. Sometimes the conflict is over the same unresolved issue that cannot be worked through. At other times it can start over something insignificant or petty.

Our relationship and couples counselling service teaches you how to identify these unhelpful patterns and change them. You will learn the skills necessary to help you relate in a more respectful and assertive way, and to navigate problems through to their conclusion. These skills will ultimately have you improving your communication and connection, and will stand you in good stead for years to come.

What would it be like if you could both learn how to:

  • Understand why you’re having so much trouble communicating;
  • Diffuse those annoying arguments that never seem to be resolved;
  • Communicate your needs in a respectful way so there’s a better chance of having them met;
  • Dissolve the anger and resentment that builds up over time and chips away at the very foundation of your relationship;

So don't push problems into the background and allow them to slowly build a rift between you that becomes too wide to recover. Taking that important step to seek help as soon as cracks start to appear will help you foster relationship resilience and longevity.

​Let us help you break down your relationship barriers and build bridges.

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We have three consulting rooms located in North Perth, Applecross and Osborne Park which are conveniently located for your easy access.  Make an appointment today by booking online or calling us using the buttons below.


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