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Feeling anxious every now and then can be a normal response to situations in your everyday life, usually as a reaction to some external stressor. But for some people, prolonged anxiety (regularly feeling nervous, fearful, apprehensive or worried) is ever-present and interferes with daily activities such as work, school, socialising or sleep. This can then impact on an individuals quality of life, their relationships and their health.

Physical symptoms can include muscle tension, chest tightness, racing heart, dry mouth, sweating, rapid and shallow breathing, feeling tense and jumpy, queasiness, feeling fatigued, and digestive complaints. Other symptoms include worrying incessantly, a fear of losing control or something going wrong or something bad happening, difficulty falling asleep because of racing thoughts, waking up feeling wired, concentration difficulties, irritability, and difficulty communicating. Often there is underlying self consciousness or self doubt.

Seeking professional help for prolonged anxiety as soon as possible minimises behaviour patterns becoming more entrenched. If left unchecked it can become more problematic as you go through the stresses and strains of life. It is also common for people to suffer anxiety alongside other health issues (e.g. panic attacks, depression, physical health problems, alcohol or drug misuse). Taking medication to alleviate symptoms can help temporarily, but it does not address the underlying causes. Dependency can also develop with some medications.

Our counselling service helps you understand your anxiety and where it comes from, and teaches you new coping skills to alleviate symptoms and manage stress. Sometimes people put off getting help because their anxiety rises when they think about attending counselling. But clients often report that their fear was unfounded once they attended, and realised how welcoming, friendly and supportive the counselling process can be.

So if you're looking for a service that provides education, guidance and support to help you get back to enjoying life rather than feeling anxious about it, then book your appointment with our qualified, registered counsellor today.

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We have three consulting rooms located in North Perth, Applecross and Osborne Park which are conveniently located for your easy access.  Make an appointment today by booking online or calling us using the buttons below.


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