Alcohol Use

To the User of Alcohol

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It’s not always easy to figure out where the line is between social drinking and problematic use. But the bottom line is how the alcohol use affects you and others around you.

If you use alcohol regularly, you may be experiencing some of the following:

  • Needing to drink in order to relax or feel better;
  • Using more often and drinking more than you intended to;
  • Conflict at home or in your relationship about your use;
  • Forgetting what you did while you were drinking;
  • Friends or family members letting you know they are worried about your use;
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed about your use;
  • Lying to others about your use;
  • Drinking on your own and hiding your drinking habits.

If you're relating to some of the above, it may be time to make some changes before it becomes too harmful to yourself, and you start hurting and pushing away those that are important to you.

If you've tried to reduce your use or stop on your own unsuccessfully, or it feels overwhelming to make some changes by yourself, then we're here to help.

So make an appointment to discuss your options with our counsellor, and we'll help you set up an individual management plan.

Alcohol mis-use impacts the whole family

To the Family Member

Do you feel your partner or family member's alcohol use is having a direct impact on you and other family members. This can have you experiencing a range of feelings from anger and frustration to helplessness and isolation. You may be feeling stressed, anxious or depressed as you take on more responsibility and try to stay on top of everything.

As a partner or family member of a drinker, no one really understands how much you can be affected. If you've only been focussed on how you can change their behaviour to no avail, then maybe it's time to focus on you by seeking your own support. It's important for your own wellbeing that you don't minimise the problem for yourself. You need to know there is help at hand, and there is a way forward.

So reach out for support today and book an appointment. You don't have to manage this on your own. You can consider either individual, couples or family counselling, depending on your circumstances.

Alcohol Use
Alcohol Use

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